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The Asset Conexus Team (ACT) is an initiative with a core focus on effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact assessment.

We understand the complete project life cycle, right from the need and purpose of the project to measuring and managing the social return on investment (SROI). We partner and handhold NGOs while customizing the approach for each project after carefully studying and understanding the project and its purpose. It includes collection and analysis of the information at the grass root level with a focus on the final beneficiaries of the project.

We go above the obvious and help realise the true potential of the CSR project through live feedback on the ongoing projects and timely intervention to achieve the desired impact. We also assist NGOs in developing their capabilities by recommending project designs and suggesting best practices for the implementation of any project.

Subsequently, we measure the outcome and analyse the overall impact of the project through Impact Assessment Studies and eventually understand the social return on investment to measure the success of the project..

Monitoring and Audit – Our Approach and Methodology

Impact Assessment – Approach and Methodology

IA is the analysis of the effectiveness and direction of an activity and involves making a judgment about progress and impact for a stipulated period of time.
IA is a time-bound exercise to assess the relevance, performance and success of on-going or completed projects.

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